Automatic Air Valves

For All Hot Water And Solar Heating Systems

Correct problems and avoid trouble by installing these float-operated Auto-Vents. They vent air from mains, solar panels, pipe lines, boilers, unit heaters, chillers, convectors, radiant panels, coils, baseboard and free-standing radiation.

7 Series Auto-Vents

The No. 7 Series Auto-Vents are reliable, automatic air eliminating valves for concealed radiators, pipe lines, tanks and other devices where water or liquids are used for heating and cooling. They have proven to be the solution to problems that have confronted engineers and contractors in which air pockets or traps retard the free circulation of the liquids and reduce the efficiency of the system or appliance.

The No. 7 Series Auto-Vents air eliminators are made of brass and equipped with a self-closing, float-operated valve. The valve is equipped with a Monel metal spring and a Neoprene® valve seat which is unaffected by high temperatures, oil and anti-freeze. No air chamber is required. The vent is regularly fitted with a patented cap that may be used as a check in case of a leak caused by core sand or scale.

  • No. 7 Auto-Vent
  • No. 71 Auto-Vent
  • No. 74 Auto-Vent
  • No. 75 Auto-Vent
  • No. 77 Auto-Vent
  • No. 78 Auto-Vent
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    6 Series Auto-Vents

    The No. 66, 67, 68 Auto-Vents are float-operated vents for use on convector radiators, baseboard radiation and radiant panels. These are designed to be used in space that is limited and can be installed in trouble spots previously neglected or improperly vented. No air chamber is required. The No. 66, 67, 68 Auto-Vents are designed for systems with pressures up to 50 lbs.

    No. 66 and 67 Auto-Vents can be used with the No. 9AS Shortstop Automatic Shut-off.

    For safe waste use the No. 7A Connector.

  • No. 66 Auto-Vent
  • No. 67 Auto-Vent
  • No. 68 Auto-Vent
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    Smaller Sized Auto Vents

    The No. 27 and 37 Auto-Vents® are dependable float-operated valves. Their construction and internal working parts are the same as the No. 7 Series Auto-Vents® except smaller in size. Made of non-ferrous metals.

  • No. 27 Auto-Vent
  • No. 37 Auto-Vent
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