High Capacity Forged Brass Vents

Residential or commercial heating and cooling systems

Purges and eliminates air in water lines, installs vertical at highest points on line.

Model Number 670 High Capacity Forged Brass Auto Vent

A float type vent with a single non-adjustable port. For use on ordinary one-pipe system not requiring proportional venting.Maid-O’-Mist’s new No. 670 forged brass Auto-Vent is an ideal automatic vent for hydronic heating applications. With the highest capacity rating available for a forged air vent in the 35-50 psi range, a No. 670 Auto-Vent will relieve air much faster than any comparable automatic vent.

  • Auto-Vent 670
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    Model Number 675 Brass Auto Vent

    A low cost, low profile vent valve made of forged brass with a Polypropylene float with a 1/8 NPT connection – Great for places where height restrictions are an issue! “Only 1 ½ inches in height!”

  • Auto-Vent 675
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